Poem selected for ‘Out of Place 2017’ collaborative project

out-of-placeHappy to learn that my poem ‘The Day the Songs Escaped’ has been selected for a collaborative music venture, Out of Place 2017. Having been keen to work with composers and musicians for a while, I’m excited to have the opportunity.

Out of Place 2017 will be a six-month exploration into using poetry as inspiration for musical composition. Musical director Nicola Burnett Smith will collaborate with five other composers, leading to the creation of nine unique new pieces for performance in June 2017.

Submissions of poetry and text were invited on the theme of ‘out of place’. 33 poets responded with a total of 78 poems. The nine selected poems are:

  • ‘Mother Orca Separated from her Calf’ by Anna Kisby
  • ‘Space Blanket’ by Alexander James
  • ‘City of Holes’ by Anna Kisby
  • ‘Taking Place’ by Frances Sleap
  • ‘Cosmic Loneliness’ by Michelle Penn
  • ‘Refuge’ by Claire Booker
  • ‘Mina Wolff Flees for England 1881’ by Anna Kisby
  • ‘Out of Place I Make My Bones’ by Samantha Pearse
  • ‘The Day the Songs Escaped’ by Shauna Robertson.

The team of composers, comprising Nicola Burnett Smith, Gemma Storr, Marianne Johnson, Jenni Gould, Kate Stilitz and Sarah Woolfenden, will now meet with their respective poets and then embark on a series of workshops as part of a supportive process of composition culminating in a performance of all nine pieces in June 2017 at a venue soon to be announced.