“An epic collective ode to the underwater realm”: ‘Aquanauts’ from Sidekick Books

Aquanauts is a sumptuous, multi-tentacled haul of visual poetry, highly collectible and creatively inspiring. From the rich broth of the garden pond to the immutable dark of the deep, this anthology plunges us between lionfish, laternfish, sharks and skates, monsters and manta rays, plankton and plesiosaurs.

It’s the first in Sidekick Books’ new series of Headbooks,  a sumptuous blend of the factual and fantastical, the lyrical and the visual – and fully customisable, with scrapbook and do-it-yourself pages to record your own facts, findings, ideas and journal entries. Keep it with you, fill it up, pass it on or stow it way for later enthralment.

I’m delighted to have three poem-pictures skulking in its brackish waters. Big thanks to editors Jon Stone and Kirsten Irving. Backstroke over to Sidekick Books and grab yourself a copy.