Four visual poems in ‘Bad Kid Catallus’ from Sidekick Books

Hot off the you-know-what from Sidekick Books is Bad Kid Catallus, an interactive blend of words and pictures, with scrapbook and do-it-yourself pages that allow you to join in the mayhem. Delighted to have four of my (not remotely child-friendly) poem-pictures included.

Here’s the blurb:

“Gaius Valerius Catullus was Ancient Rome’s most notorious scandal-monger, filthsmith and lovelorn wretch. In this interactive handbook, his famously sexy, savage, tender and scurrilous poems have been transformed and mutated in myriad ways: compressed, expanded, bricolaged, Catullus in six pulp genres, Catullus as playlist – even a Catullus karma sutra. And then there are pages for you, the reader, to fill in, in your own obscene fashion. You’ll never look at a sparrow the same way again.”

Aquire your copy from the folks at Sidekick Books.