Headbooks! exhibition at London’s Poetry Cafe: 1 December 2017 – 3 February 2018

Headbooks! is an exhibition of visual poems from the first two titles in Sidekick Books’  wildly experimental Headbooks series.

Aquanauts (cover image left) and Bad Kid Catallus (cover image right)  are both interactive, collaborative compendiums “combining the aesthetics of guidebook, catalogue and poetry anthology, melding the factual with the fantastical, the lyrical with the visual, and brand new work with remixed public domain art”.

Contributing artists include Forward Prize winner Vahni Capildeo, avant-garde Scottish poet and performer Harry Giles, CLiPPA Award winner Kate Wakeling – and me! Included are scrapbooking and do-it-yourself pages so that every copy is customisable, blurring the line between reader and writer.

The exhibition, curated by Sidekick’s writer-editors Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone, showcases collages, calligrams, mixed-media translations and telegraphic poems across two floors, including some exclusively redesigned for the exhibiting space. On the ground floor, you can find rewired and re-mediated versions of the poems of Catullus, the Roman poet famed for his bawdy and salacious verses, and for his explosive love-hate relationship with the mysterious noblewoman referred to in his poems as ‘Lesbia’. Below deck, you will uncover the dive-verse world of Aquanauts: sorrowful shipwrecks, Loch Ness sightings, vile jellies and deep sea leviathans.

Details, directions and opening hours at http://poetrysociety.org.uk/poetry-cafe