New poetry chapbook: ‘Love Bites’

Just out from Chicago-based publisher Dancing Girl Press, my second poetry chapbook, ‘Love Bites’.

Kind of an anti-Valentine, it takes a wry look at the challenges of intimate relationships beyond the illusion of ‘happy ever after’. Here’s a couple of extracts –

During an average kiss
40,000 parasites are transmitted
along with nine milligrams of water,
some fat, protein, salt
and 250 species of bacteria.
Love explains this
each time we embrace.
It makes him feel heroic.


I need you to peel me
and peel me and peel me
until nothing remains
but my gem-studded soul.
This is Love’s job description.
But the minute his index finger
flicks at my outermost layers,
I reach for my gun.


Love has a box file
where he keeps
all of his guarantees.
To receive a guarantee, I tell him, is to be lied to.


Turns out Love
is 72.8% water.
Is it any wonder some days
I feel so diluted.

If you’re in the UK or Europe, drop me a line to order a copy (faster delivery and lower p&p costs than ordering from the US). Otherwise you can order a copy direct from Dancing Girl Press.

Thanks – hope you enjoy it!