My favourite children’s poetry books on

It’s like desert island discs but instead of discs, think poetry.

Over the past month or so Liz Brownlee’s PoetryRoundabout webzine has featured a series of children’s poets asked to give a selection of their favourite children’s poetry books.

I’m 12th in the series. Every poet is allowed 5-8 choices, one of which can be a book of poetry for adults, and one of which has to be their own book.

You can read my selections here.

Many thanks to Liz, it was a really fun question to ponder!

Midnight Feasts: Tasty Poems Chosen by A.F. Harrold

Just published by Bloomsbury: a new anthology of children’s poems about munching, snacking, scoffing, chomping, dining, feasting and feeding.

As the title suggests (well, not so much suggests as very clearly states), the poems in Midnight Feasts: Tasty Poems Chosen by A.F. Harrold have been hand-picked by poet, writer and performer A.F. Harrold. I’m a big fan of A.F.’s work so am doubly delighted to have a few poems of mine in there (triply, actually, given that I also happen come from a long line of foodies who’d no doubt have me for breakfast if I didn’t write about their favourite topic from time to time).

Here’s the blurb…

“One thing that unites us all – across time, nations and peoples – is food. From chocolate, rice pudding and sandwiches to breakfast in bed, banana phones and the fruit of a mythical jelabi tree, A.F. Harrold has brought together a wonderful and diverse collection of poems on the topic of food.

Beautifully illustrated in full colour by rising star Katy Riddell (daughter of former Children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell), this rich and delicious anthology brings together work from a broad range of poets, including the magically observant William Carlos Williams, award-winning Joseph Coelho and the inspiring Sabrina Mahfouz. Whether you’re in the mood for a perfect bowl of yoghurt or a pomegranate omelette, these poems will satisfy any food craving. The perfect gift for any poetry or food lover!”

The book is a full-colour 120 page hardback and retails for £12.99

Grab your copy at or, better still, in your local bookshop.