from Horses Laughing in the Face of Danger

– a series of paintings (still in progress) exploring acceptance, stoicism and even humour as possible responses to one of our greatest fears: death. The series draws inspiration from cultures in which life and death are seen as cyclical rather than linear, and where the process of art-making is traditionally used as a way of honouring significant life events.

‘Desert Dewdrop’ was selected for the Black Swan Arts Open Exhibition, 2017 (head judge Gavin Turk).

from Cross-Sections

– an ongoing series of ink drawings that initially began as a kind of doodling process to calm and focus a busy mind.

US-based magazine Leaping Clear published a few others from the series along with my thoughts about the process of making them (Fall 2018) . You’ll find them here.

from Poem Pictures / Visual Poems

– a random assortment from various publications, exhibitions and experiments.

Thanks to the following publications / exhibitions where some of the above visual poems first appeared –

Chrissy Williams & Tom Humberstone (eds). Over The Line: An Introduction To Poetry Comics. Sidekick Books, London, 2015 (‘What Are You Doing?’)

Jon Stone & Kirsten Irving (eds). Bad Kid Catallus. Sidekick Books, 2017 (‘CCC’ & ‘I Hate and Love’)

Jon Stone & Kirsten Irving (eds). Aquanauts. Sidekick Books, 2017 (‘I Don’t Know, Frank’ & ‘In My Dreams’)

Visual Poetry Exhibition, The Museum of Futures, Surbiton, 2017 (‘In My Dreams’)

Instagram Poetry Exhibition, The National Poetry Library, London, 2018 (‘An Average Kiss’)