Poetry collection for children

Saturdays at the Imaginarium

Written by Shauna Darling Robertson   |   Illustrated by Jude Wisdom

Published by Troika   |   September 2020
Paperback   |   £7.99   |   96pp   |   ISBN 978-1-912745-12-8
Ages 7-12 (approx)

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Poetry chapbooks (for adults)

“A chapbook is a small collection of poetry, generally no more than 40 pages, that often centers on a specific theme, such as exotic foods or wild animals or Justin Bieber.”
– Writers’ Digest.

Sorry, no exotic foods or Justin Bieber here (but keep an eye out for some wild animals).

Love Bites

Dancing Girl Press, 2019

Note: If you’re in the UK please drop me a line to order a copy (faster delivery & lower p&p costs than direct from US publisher). Discover more / read a few extracts.

Blueprints for A Minefield

Fair Acre Press, 2016

“full of standout poems – sometimes heartbreaking, often funny…” “astonishing originality” Reviews & extracts / order a copy


Several of my poems and poem-pictures appear in these anthologies (some for adults, some for children).

‘Dancing with Life’
in Allie Esiri (ed).
A Poem for Every Spring Day. 
Macmillan, 2021


‘The Man Who Used His Loaf’
in Liz Brownlee (ed).
Shaping the World: 40 Historical Heroes in Verses.
Macmillan, 2021


‘Questions on an Empty Stomach’, ‘You and Whose Sarnie’ and ‘Do You Ever?’
in AF Harrold (ed).
Midnight Feasts: Tasty Poems Chosen by A.F.Harrold. Bloomsbury, 2019


‘No Such Thing’ & ‘A Note from an Astronaut’
in Roger Stevens (ed).
Moonstruck! Poems About Our Moon.
Otter-Barry Books, 2019


in George Szirtes and Andy Jackson (eds).
The Call of the Clerihew
Smokestack Books, 2019


‘Hey, How Did You Get Through Customs with That?’ & ‘In the Twilight Hours’
in Roger Stevens (ed).
I am a Jigsaw: Puzzling poems to baffle your brain.
Bloomsbury, 2019


‘Everything That Can Happen’
in Suzannah Evans and Tom Sastry (eds).
Everything That Can Happen: Poems about the Future.
The Emma Press, 2019


‘Cookin’ Up a Universe’
in Roger Stevens (ed).
The Poetry Zone: A Celebration of 20 Years of Children’s Poetry.
Troika, 2018


‘The Fish Without a Bicycle’
in Anja Konig and Liane Strauss (eds).
Some Cannot Be Caught: The Emma Press Book of Beasts
The Emma Press, 2018


in Maggie Smith (ed).
The Best New British and Irish Poets.
Eyewear, 2018


‘Unexpected Items’ & ‘Before the Birds Took Off’
in Nadia Kingsley (ed).
Diversifly: Poetry and Art on Britain’s Urban Birds.
Fair Acre Press, 2018


‘The Noonday Devil’
in Rachel Piercey & Emma Wright (eds). 
The Emma Press Anthology of Love. 
The Emma Press, 2018


‘Dancing With Life’
in Allie Esiri (ed).
A Poem for Every Day of the Year. 
Macmillan, 2017


‘CCC’, ‘Death and Sex’, ‘I Hate and Love’ & ‘Shades of Canus and Schistaceus’ (poem-pictures)
in Kirsten Irving & Jon Stone &  (eds).
Bad Kid Catallus. 
Sidekick Books, 2017


‘I Don’t Know, Frank’, ‘In My Dreams’ & ‘This Is for You’ (poem-pictures)
in Kirsten Irving & Jon Stone (eds).
Sidekick Books, 2017


‘Things Behind the Barn’
in Kate Garrett & Robert de Born (eds).
Picaroon Poetry, 2017


‘Violent Vision’ & ‘Weather Warning’
in Michaela Morgan (ed).
Wonderland: Alice in Poetry. 
Macmillan, 2016


‘Rebel / Cause’
in Live Canon International Poetry Prize Anthology 2016.
Live Canon, London, 2016


‘What Are You Doing?’ (poem-picture)
in Chrissy Williams & Tom Humberstone (eds).
Over The Line: An Introduction To Poetry Comics.
Sidekick Books, London, 2015


‘Look At Me Leonard’
in Jack Locke (ed).
Leonard Cohen You’re Our Man: 75 poets reflect on the poetry of Leonard Cohen.
Foundation for Public Poetry, Montreal, 2009