Poetry films


An animated poetry film made with both adults & children in mind, with animation by artist Chris Denyer.

On the Ills of Smoking

A tribute to one of my favourite writers, the Russian absurdist poet and dramatist Dannil Kharms.


‘Outside’ was the second poetry film I made and it was interesting because it didn’t come from a pre-existing poem. I read an article in a newspaper about business buzzwords which triggered an idea so I went on a hunt for footage first, and then the poem subsequently ‘came’ as part of the film-making process.

Welcome to the Crush Zone

A found film poem, created using words and street art found in my current home town of Frome in Somerset (UK). I wandered around the town over the course of several days and filmed whatever words, phrases and images caught my eye, with no particular idea for a poem or film in mind. Then, back at my desk, I played around with the many snippets of film (there are lots more than appear here), moving them around almost like jigsaw pieces until a poem gradually began to emerge.

People Hide Their Love

This was my first stab at making a film using a poem written by someone else (in this case a Chinese emperor). It was an interesting process that led me to delve much more deeply into the poem and to relate to it on many more levels than I otherwise might. After completing the film I had an odd feeling, like when you finish a great novel and feel slightly lost without it!


‘Quiet’ was originally a children’s puzzle poem which subsequently morphed into a meditative film. It’s quite a simple film, partly because it was the first one I made and I was still getting to grips with the software and processes, and partly because that’s what the subject seemed to require.